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Hello Partners and Friends,

Each year at this time I take extra time to pray and seek God’s guidance for the year. Last year the Lord told me it would be a year of ‘transition’ for our ministry. And let me tell you almost everything about our ministry went through a transition this year. Skunks TV was picked up by a cable system in India, we began airing on Nejat TV in the Middle East and we were also picked up by JCTV (the largest Christian youth network in the world).

God also transitioned our evangelistic efforts and local work. Many of you know we are now in Miami, FL serving as Student Pastors at Words of Life. We have been positioned to reach more people and reach them more effectively. I believe God has planted us to expand us. By joining with a local body we can reach South Florida effectively and it positions us to reach more people with crusades and to put more resources into Skunks TV.

As I look forward into 2012 I believe God has movement planned for this ministry. Webster defines movement as: a (1) : the act or process of moving; especially : change of place or position or posture b (1) : a tactical or strategic shifting of a military unit : maneuver (2) : the advance of a military unit [http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/movement]

Did you catch that? “A tactical or strategic shifting and the advance of a military unit.” Sometimes with our busy lives we forget that a war is being fought over lives and that eternal destinies are at stake. It is our hearts cry to move with the Holy Spirit as He brings in the harvest. As a minister I so clearly see that the harvest is white, it is ready right now. Today thousands would come in if they could only hear this message.

I’m so grateful for all of you because without your help it would be impossible for us to send His message around the world. You have enabled us to travel and minister full-time, produce Skunks TV and do several crusades. We are moving together, being positioned by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the impossible. We are being set up this year to accomplish more for God than ever before.

I believe God will pour His favor and blessing on you this year as He shifts you into greater levels of impact. When we get serious about God’s business, He gets serious about our business. Thank you again for standing with us in prayer and support. You are a part of this gospel getting around the world. Alyssa and I don’t take the credit. We know it is by God’s power and the help of His body that makes our evangelistic efforts a success.

Matt & Alyssa Shull

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