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Hello Partners and Friends,

We began our ministry four years ago this summer.  It has flown by, and I honestly can’t tell you where the time has gone.  God has grown us from nothing to sending a Gospel signal around the world and we are excited for the next four years.  I remember several years ago a mentor friend of mine said that huge ministries rarely exploded overnight but they were the culmination of years of hard work.

I love reading about the stories of Joyce Meyer, Reinhard Bonnke and others who believed God for years before their full vision was realized.  I have also had the opportunity to meet Dr. T.L. Osborn on a couple of occasions and his story has had a huge impact on the way I perceive God and ministry.  For years he toiled relentlessly trying to convert people in India with little success.  In desperation he cried out to Jesus and God met with him and transformed his life and ministry.

His ministry continued to increase until at one point he was the foremost missionary evangelist and really the ‘Father of Missionary Crusades’.  I believe God has big plans in evangelism with our ministry.  I believe this not because we are something special or that I like to compare myself to amazing men and women of God but I believe God is desperately looking for the hearts of my generation.  I believe God is going to save more people in this generation than at any other time.  The world is ripe for harvest and God needs laborers.

We have modern tools at our disposal that literally empower us to reach all around the world.  I believe that there is nothing more important to God than a lost soul and that the power of God rests in the Gospel being presented.  I am asking you as my partner in this letter to begin praying for the harvest like never before. Even Jesus said that the harvest is huge but the workers were few.

I know partner that you are a laborer.  You have helped us so much financially and spiritually through prayer.  And now I am asking that you increase your prayers for the harvest.  So many millions have never heard and our ministry is a part of their answer.  I am asking God to fill us with revelation on how to win this generation.  Will you stand with us and ask God for those who have never heard?

Thank you for all your help,

Matt and Alyssa Shull

*Here is a video recap of what we have been up to in 2012

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